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Volunteer Engagement is part of a powerful tool that helps organizations manage their volunteers in a streamlined and efficient way. With the portal, volunteers have a self-service platform where they can manage their profiles and engagements, while volunteer managers can post engagement opportunities and manage volunteer applications in a centralized system.

The portal is connected to Volunteer Management, which means that all applications made through the portal are automatically received as participation records in Volunteer Management. This makes it easy for organizations to track their volunteer hours and manage their engagement opportunities in one place. To set up engagement opportunities, volunteer managers can refer to Module: Manage Engagement Opportunities with Volunteer Management.

The Volunteer Engagement portal is a pre-built Power Apps Portals solution, which makes it easy for organizations to get started quickly. Volunteers can create an account and submit applications, while also updating their contact information, availability, qualifications, and preferences. They can view details about their previous and upcoming engagements and select shifts for engagements where they are approved as volunteers. The portal can also be setup with authentication for the volunteers to sign in, using a set pool of authentication providers.

Prospective volunteers can use the Volunteer Engagement portal to search for and view upcoming engagement opportunities that an organization has published. They can filter engagement opportunities by location, date, preferences, or qualifications necessary to find the right engagement for themselves.


When a volunteer is ready to sign up for an engagement opportunity, they can click Apply Now and will be prompted to sign in or create an account. Volunteers can then manage their profile details and view the status of their applications, as well as select shifts when they are approved.

Overall, Volunteer Engagement and Volunteer Management together provide a fully connected solution for setting up volunteer engagement opportunities and making them available online for volunteers to search, apply, and manage their profiles. This can help organizations to manage their volunteers more efficiently and provide a better experience for volunteers who are looking to get involved.

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