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Information Security Training


SOC 2 Compliance Track

Upon completing of the SOC 2 Compliance training program, each participant will possess the skills and knowledge to support any business organization in establishing an Information Security program that leads to a SOC 2 certification.

This unique training is unlike any training offered to employees and managers in information security. Successful ‘graduates’ will become coveted amongst companies for their specialized knowledge of compliance, information security, and privacy.

Having employees with this specialized knowledge also helps companies keep information safe. This training assists in raising the level of information security in the companies they work.

An introduction to the SOC 2 information security framework. Participants will start by learning what SOC 2 is, the importance of compliance and information security, the benefits of the certification, and the components of the SOC 2 framework. Participants will complete a series of activities and exercises to introduce the company to a comprehensive information security program.

$2500 per participant

Participants will learn how they can work towards the SOC 2 attestation, including preparing for your audit in-house or with the help of a consultant. They will also learn how to evaluate compliance automation software and the need for continuous compliance. Participants will complete a series of activities and exercises, culminating with a captstone project to create a project plan.

$2500 per participant

Participants will learn to use the advanced functionalities of the Scrut Compliance Automation platform, such as policy management, evidence task automation, risk and vendor assessment, security awareness training, audit preparation and execution, and security posture disclosure. Participants will leverage the Scrut Compliance Automation platform’s to demonstrate their compliance automation expertise.

$2500 per participant

Keeping your company secure, responding to due diligence questionnaires and completing audits pushes your team to their limits. As it becomes more challenging to find security talent, it’s time to understand what an Information Security Program can do for your company.

Build trust and win more deals when you train your team on information security and compliance.

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