Microsoft Adding New Hybrid Work Features to Teams and More

Following the release of its 2022 Work Trend Index report, Microsoft is releasing new features to its hybrid work platforms and apps.

Microsoft Teams is getting the bulk of the update, such as shared channels for collaborating with people outside of a workspace and changes to the user interface of video calls. PowerPoint is getting the ability to record videos and deliver presentations via Teams, with a preview coming later.


First is front row for Teams, a UI change that moves the team gallery in a video call to the bottom of the screen. It’s meant to simulate eye-to-eye conversations by keeping people at eye level and is currently in preview.

Microsoft Teams Connect will allow you to add others to a channel without adding them to the team. The purpose is to include people outside of your typical work team but still important to the task at hand. Coming to Office 365/Microsoft 365, a public preview will launch at the end of March, but you’ll have to sign up to access it.

Next is Operator Connect Mobile for Teams Phone, a service that gives people a single phone number that serves as your work and mobile number, regardless of device and network. Microsoft states that you can jump to another phone provider and suffer no interruptions. A preview is coming later in the year.


PowerPoint is getting two features: cameo, which lets you use the Teams camera for presentations, and Speaker Coach, an AI that helps you sharpen your presenting skills.

Both features will arrive in the coming months, but you can try out cameo now by joining Office Insider.

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