How Your Non-Profit can utilize Microsoft Bookings

Greetings to our lovely NTA non-profits. Recently many organizations have inquired about Microsoft Bookings and how they can utilize it within their organization. In this blog, I will help you understand what Microsoft Bookings is and how your clients can use it to schedule appointments with you or your organization.

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is an online tool that is used to schedule appointments with you or members of your organization. You can create booking calendars designed for a specific purpose or designated to a certain department where clients can schedule book an appointment for a listed service that is provided. Once a calendar is created you can share its link or embed it on a website that is accessible to clients to make appointments.

Here is an example of what a client of Blue Team Consultants would see when they want to book an appointment on their calendar.

First, they will see a list of services that the company provides.


Next, they can choose a date and time that they would like to book the appointment.


Lastly, the client will fill out their details such as name, email and phone number and select Book.


Once the client has booked the appointment you can find in on your Microsoft Bookings calendar, on your Outlook Calendar and you and the client will be sent an email notification of the appointment.

Here is a look at your booked appointments from inside of your personal Microsoft Bookings account. This is a view that only you and your team can see, not the client.


How to Set Up your Booking Calendars


  1. Navigate to and sign in with your credentials.
  2. On the left side choose apps and find Bookings.
  3. You can also find Bookings in Microsoft Teams by selecting the ellipses on the left side to reveal applications and choosing Bookings.
  4. Next to Shared booking pages select create.


     5. Create a shared booking page from scratch.


     6. Begin to fill in the details of your calendar such as the name business type and business hours.


     7. Next, invite your staff to the calendar.


8. Setup and edit your first initial service by selecting change. These are services that you and your staff provide. You will be able to add more services after the calendar has been created.


9. Lastly, choose who can book appointments. The “no self-service” option gives you and your staff full control of scheduling appointments on the calendar. The “People in my organization” option creates an internal link that only you and your staff will have access to and the last option, “Anyone”, will create a public self-service link that will allow anyone who has access to it, to be able to book an appointment on the calendar.


Congrats, non-profit! You have created your first booking calendar!


Personal Booking Calendars

With Microsoft’s recent release of Bookings with Me, you can now create a personal calendar where people can book with only you.
To Access your personal booking page:

1. Navigate to your Outlook calendar.
2. On the left side of the screen, select Edit booking page.


3. You can choose to create public or private booking pages by selecting the plus sign in the respective category.


4. Now you can share the link to any calendar of your choice for people to schedule a personal meeting with you.

To learn more about Microsoft Bookings click here. Happy booking Non-profits, and as always, thank you for allowing us to serve you and in turn help better serve our communities!

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