Here Are the Countries With the Fastest Internet Speeds

A new report called the Internet Accessibility Index has ranked the fastest internet speeds across the world, as well as those with the cheapest internet and the overall most connected. Published by the U.K.-based Broadband Choices, the report surveyed 164 different countries using 10 different factors.

Researchers found that Liechtenstein, a small country located between Austria and Switzerland, had the world’s fastest average broadband speed, measured at 75.7 megabits per second. Denmark was ranked second, followed by Bermuda. Overall, Western European countries held 8 of the top 10 spots for the fastest internet speeds. Meanwhile, the United States remained in the 13th spot for yet another year.

For the second year in a row, Denmark was determined the most-connected country in the world. Researchers attributed this to a combination of low rates and fast connection speeds. Up one spot from last year, the U.S. was right behind Denmark, even though its average monthly cost of internet has increased by 3%.

The U.S. happens to have some of the world’s priciest data, finishing in 142nd place in terms of affordability, while the country with the cheapest internet is Israel, at about $0.30 USD per 1 gigabyte of data.

“For the second year in a row, our research has highlighted the divide in not just the quality of internet access around the world but also its inclusivity, with a significant number of people being priced out of the market – potentially having huge ramifications on education and employment prospects,” Broadband Choice’s Rob Baillie said about the study.

“While there have been significant advances in communications technology in recent years, more needs to be done to connect rural and economically challenged communities,” he continued. “Doing so will likely require higher levels of investment, but advances in 5G technology could bring faster and more stable connections to these areas without the expense of having to install traditional infrastructure.”

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